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art2market is a niche e-commerce initiative that provides a platform to both amateur and established artists for promoting and selling their visual art works. We, at art2market, aim to become the digital front-end for art galleries and help in connecting to the public in large.

art2market brings together artists and art connoisseurs to create, publish, appreciate, promote and sell creative art. It also aims to feature art-related news, blogs, artist interviews and profiles, updates of art events and many more! The portal shall be a virtual space for supporting, promoting and showcasing creativity.

At art2market, talent and market are made fully accessible to each other on an unbiased platform. Here, the creator's work alone speaks!

Partner with art2market to promote and market your creative works

We, at art2market, are inspired by the creativity of artists and would dedicate ourselves to not only publish and promote their creative works, but also find a digital market for them. In the current advancement of internet, cloud, social media and mobile, it is important that a digital market place acts as a viable business channel for the artists and art buyers to buy, sell and promote art.

How we help artists

We promote artists by creating a digital market for their creative works. We capture their profile and digital images of their art works, along with details required for art lovers and buyers to appreciate the art work and make purchase decisions. We also help artists to build a "fan club" of followers on the internet and help them keep in touch with the followers by exchanging messages through blogs, newsletters, emails, etc.

How we help art connoisseurs

Art connoisseurs and art buyers require more choices before they make their purchase decisions. This is exactly what we do! We bring in a range of artists and their works to the digital market place, all neatly catalogued, that can be searched. We help art lovers and buyers to interact with artists and art experts over social media. We bring art to the common man at affordable prices and in the convenience of his/her home.